Picket Fence

Picket Fence Can Be A Good Choice For Your Property

Picket fence is another type of privacy fences that designed to confine your backyard boundaries for safety of your children or bigger pets. Picket fences can be installed on the front yard as well, if this is allowed by city regulations. If you install a suitable picket fence around your home, it will give an exciting new look and increase the total safety of your home.

 Picket Fence VariationsPicket fence

There are different types of picket fences available, such as classic, traditional, and contemporary picket fences. Again, they are available in a range of choices: for instance – white, colored and differently styled. When you will choose a picket fence for your home, we suggest you to take four factors into your consideration for the picket styles: these are – height, board profile, board width and spacing. If you want maintenance free picket fence, you may choose vinyl picket fences, as they do not require painting, staining or sanding. Vinyl picket fences are short but they are durable, strong and safe. These fences are more functional than traditional wood picket fences.


Consult a Professional Picket Fence Installer

If you want to install a very effective picket fence around your home, you should consult a professional fence installer. A professional picket fence installer can assist you to install an effective fence that will suit your environment. QRC (Quality Remodeling & Carpentry) is a local home improvement and fence installation company of the Greater Seattle area, providing effective picket fences as well as other styles fences including wooden and chain link.

It is really essential to consider several factors before installing picket fence – environmental impact is one of the major factors. Therefore your primary concern should be on the suitability. Then you should consider that the fence would afford protection or not. Best of all, you can contact a professional and discuss the matters. You may call our professional fencing contractor to visit your property for free estimate.