Deck Installation

Deck Installation

Deck is a beautiful and valuable addition of a home. It can enhance the square footage of your backyard. Deck installation is not a complex home improvement project, but it is not as simple project as people might think. The most important part in deck building is proper planning, which can only be drawn and sized by professional deck builders. We are specialized in designing and building home decks to meet your personal lifestyle. We provide extensive types of decking materials including wood products and provide each service with professional staff. Since last ten years we have acquired a great reputation for our quality decks installation service and outstanding customer care.

We are a local provider of the Greater Seattle area, thus providing faster and more efficient than average deck builders. We are well aware of which materials is perfect for Greater Seattle and surrounding area, for this reason our installed decks last for a long time. Furthermore, before starting a project we visit each customer’s house individually to inspect the area of installation, take measurements, and make appropriate plan, design and estimates. We always try to handle each customer with individual attention and want to understand their requirements, uses, and personal styles by visiting their houses. Contact us today for a free inspection and get quote for your deck.

Our home improvement experts say that our constructed decks will last from 10 to 25 years, depending upon location weather, and maintenance. We usually provide our deck installation services with the following materials:

Deck installationWood decking: This kind of desks is naturally insect and weather resistant. Cedar decking is preferred  in most cases but several other kinds of wood decking are also available. Wood decks can be stained and sanded to extend life and good looks.  Cedar decks are more durable comparing to composite decks although wood decking requires extra care like staining/restaining.

Deck installationComposite decking: This kind of desks made by
blend of plastic and wood floor.  It is a good alternative to wood while our country has limited wood supply. This kind of desks require less maintenance than wooden decks.  Composite decking is weather and water proof.  There are some advantages and disadvantages using composite decking materials. Contact us for more details.

IPE - iron wood deck installationIron wood (IPE) decking
: This decking is natural wood and highly durable but much expensive. It requires minimum maintenance comparing to other regular wood. Ipe decking comes from exotic hardest wood in the world – Brazilian Ipe, Brazilian Cumaru, and Brazilian Tigerwood.

We highly recommend every homeowner to consult a deck specialist before selecting a decking type. Most of the homeowners don’t know which type of decking is perfect for their houses. That’s why, it is necessary to consult a professional contractor to build a long lasting deck. Furthermore, in some but not all situations obtaining permits and inspections is required. We consult our customers about this as well. Contact us today to know in details about decks installation, repair and maintenance.




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