Building a Deck

Building a Deck for your Outdoor Entertainment

A deck can make an ideal transition between your backyard and your home. Decks not only enhance summertime fun for homeowners but also improve the overall value of a house. You may build your deck by yourself or by a professional contractor. Whether you are building deck yourself by someone else, it requires exact planning and proper design. A professional deck builder can construct your deck with proper planning and design; they can provide an ultimate touch with overarching design of your basic decking platform as well. We have more than ten years of experience in building deck, deck replacements, and repair. We build each deck by our highly trained and skilled craftsmen with the best materials. There are several materials available in the market; we only use the materials that are ideal for that custom environment.

Building DeckSome homeowners put their families in risk by having a simple afternoon barbeque on their old decks. Even, most of them don’t know that their decks require better anchoring or complete replacement and rebuilding. We found some decks in our area that were built more than 20 years ago. These homeowners don’t know that they are putting themselves in danger with their worse decks. Our building deck service is locally owned and operated; for this reason we have been providing premium deck building and anchoring service throughout the Greater Seattle area. Contact us today for solutions and insights for your building deck.

Building DeckBefore starting any contact, we talk about our design, layout, working procedure and the estimated budget of our clients. Based on the clients’ requirements and idea of how much a client would be able to spend, we give them a general idea of our working procedure and the design of their deck.  We treat every client individually and try to understand each customer’s needs, uses, and individual style before starting a project.

If you are willing to build a wooden deck, code requirements, inspections and permits is essential. In some but not all situations obtaining permits and inspections is required.  We consult our customers about this as well. One of the major advantages of having qualified professionals like us is that we help understand the legal side of building deck as well as ensure building code requirements.